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Aeria Points Generator

Lets make your gaming experience better with all the premium content unlocked in all the games supported by the Aeria games. Today we will present you the latest pro version Aeria Points generator, this generator is a result of 2 months of hard work of our team and finally we got a working Aeria Points generator or AP Generator, this generator can generate any amount of AP in your account which is 100% usable at any point, you can redeem these generated points in buying any rare items for any game you like, works simply their is no complex step you need to follow.

With the Aeria Points Generator you can send AP to your friends as well as family so they can also enjoy the game with full contents and rare items, you can make them happy and save their lots of money that they spend on buying the Aeria Points. Dominating the any game will be easy by using this generator since this will help you to unlock the premium content that can boost your gaming experience by providing you with all the special items you need, you will never feel lagging in the game since you will also have all the items that other baba shoppers are using.

Just image with the unlimited supply of Aeria Points will take you in the game, you will poses all the premium weapons, potions, armors and secret items that you miss during the normal game play. The Aeria Points Generator will fulfill all your dreams in any game supported, never stay back in the game with this tool and enjoy it with full features.

Our team of experts have given a lots of time in developing the Aeria Points Generator, but it was not easy to make a fully functional generator due to security and safety issues regarding the users, the first generator that we have developed was fully functional but their was safety issue involved with the first version, the testing accounts were getting banned after adding the Aeria Points but soon we have overcome the issue and made the version 2 generator which was fully safe and working but their was a problem with that version also the Free Aeria Points which we were adding was disappearing after we re-log the account so after 1 more month of working we have finally made the Aeria Points Generator version which is fully safe and perfectly working without any error and bugs.

What Are Aeria Points ?

Aeria Points, or AP, is the electronic currency used for all the Aeria games.

Every Aeria game contains items which users are not able to buy using gold and in game currency, all these items are special and rare and they can only be purchased with  Aeria Points. The items you purchase with Aeria Points will make your gaming experience smooth and better and you can stay ahead from other gamers which do not have those special items in the game.


Free Aeria Points Generator – How To Use

This generator is very simple to use, just enter your login id and password in the generator, then also login the same account in the browser and select how many Aeria Points to need to add in your account and press the “generate” button, then logout the account from the browser and re log it to see the increased amount of AP. Be sure to use the generator only once in a week and adding huge amount of Aeria Points will be harmful.


Aeria Points Generating Before

See the image above, its taken just before we have added free Aeria Points, as you can see that we currently have 0 AP in this account but soon we will use the generator to add some decent amount of Aeria Points in this account.

Aeria Points Generating Completed

The image is a little blur but you can clearly see that we have successfully generated a good amount of Aeria Points in this account, from 0 the AP are now 5005, if you focus a little bit you will be able to see the change clearly.

Shaiya Aeria Points Generator Before

Check out our newly created Shaiya character, leave the other stuff just focus on the amount of Aeria Points, currently we got 0 Aeria Points in this account. We have arranged this demonstration just to prove that our generator works on all the Aeria games.

Shaiya Aeria Points Generator Before

Amazing the Aeria Points in the same account is now 1000000, this is a huge amount of Aeria Points and we do not recommend adding this huge amount of Aeria Points in any game or in the main account but just for demonstration of true power of the Aeria Points Generator we have added this large amount.



Please Use The Download Button Above To Download The Aeria Points Generator

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