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Armies of Magic Cheats

Armies of Magic is a new game on the facebook, it a pretty nice game where you need to build your city and fight with the monster. On the increase in the demand of cheat tool for Armies of Magic we have build this awesome hack for everyone, from the interface image of the Armies of Magic hack tool it is clear that it is capable of generating the 2 main resources gold and silver in the game, since the users demanded that they want to hack only gold and silver we have added both of those features as finally this cheat is build focusing on both of these items,in future update of this Armies of Magic cheat we will going to add speed hack so that you can build and progress lot faster in the game and also crystals hack that you need during the battles. Entirely independent of bowers and operating systems this cheat tool will help you in each and every situation of the Armies of Magic. With this hack you will never run low of gold and silver, make the best camp and armies and dominate all your friends in the game.


Feature of the Armies of Magic Hacks Tool and How to use them

Armies of Magic Gold Generator Cheat

Armies of Magic Silver and Crystals Hack


This cheat tool is very simple to use and you can generate gold and silver unlimited times and now we will give you a brief tutorial about using this tool, while running the Armies of Magic start the cheat tool and wait for 1 minutes since in that time the cheat will make connections with the database, after this enter the amount of gold and silver you want to hack in the game then just press “Generate” button and wait till the cheat tool add the items, after this just close the cheat and refresh the Armies of Magic to see the changes and the generated items are instantly usable and you can buy army and builds with them.

Armies of Magic Cheats Gold and Silver Before


Here is the demonstration for the gold and silver cheats in the Armies of Magic, as you can see this is a newly created account and on level 1, it got only default values of gold and silver given at beginning of the game, the values may not be clear so we are writing them  the gold is 60 and silver is 7,153 currently its the stats of my this test account before using the hack tool.

Armies of Magic Cheats Gold and Silver After


check out the image above that is taken after a few seconds of using the Armies of Magic cheat, we have successfully hacked the amount of gold and silver and as you can see the gold is now 800 and silver is now 100,000 and for your information these all gold and silver is usable and permanent since our hack tool makes changes on the Armies of Magic database the item gold and silver generated are permanent, do not waste time if you also want more silver and gold in the game just download this tool and get them all.

Armies of Magic Hacks Gold and Silverhttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/armies-of-magic-hacks-gold-silver-cheats.jpgJust to demonstrate the full power of this cheat we have crossed all the limits and on the same newly created level 1 account we have successfully generated insane amount of gold and silver, if you concentrate on the amount of gold and silver then you will never believe it the gold and silver both are now 999999 with this Armies of Magic hack we have made them in almost unlimited amount. It was so simple to cheat using this cheat tool that we have added this much amount of items, tested more and even used the gold and silver to buy some upgrade and successfully done it.



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