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Astro Garden Hack

Astro Garden  Cheats

The Astro Garden cheat is designed in such a way that it will cater the needs of all the gamers, full of features this cheat is also safe and simple to use. Do not get confused with the complex interface of this tool, its very simple and effective to use, with this Astro Garden hack tool you can generate unlimited free gold, money timber and food, with generating items this cheat tool also help in fast level up with xp boost option, while using the xp hack option you will get double the  xp you get in doing a work normally.

Is the Xp hack option is safe ?

yes, since the cheat tool will send modded request to the Astro Garden database, the safety features of the game will not be able to find out the hack is active and will think that the player is gaining the xp normally so until the cheat tool is active you will get double the normal xp and grown with double rate then the normal.

This hack is also capable to speed hack the game and making your energy unlimited, as you can see these features are newly introduced and i will explain what they can do one by one. Speed Hack option will increase the overall speed of the game in, you can select how much faster you want to go in the game, to level faster and do the work like building and growing resources this option comes in handy, image the works that takes you 1 hour will be done in 1 minute, this is the use of the speed hack. Unlimited Energy option will make your energy unlimited till the hack tool is running in the background your energy will not drop even you do any work that consumes energy, while this option is enable with speed hack you can perform each and every task without any interruptions.


Feature of the Astro Garden Hacks Tool and How to use them

Astro Garden Gold Generator Cheat

Astro Garden Money, Timber and Food Hack

Astro Garden Xp, Speed and Energy Cheat


Since Astro Garden cheat works as a generator as well as for other options also we have created 2 different tutorials.


Generator :- If you need to hack free gold, money, food and timber then while playing the game just start the cheat tool and enter the desired amount of items you want to hack, then select the correct browser from the list and press the “Activate” button and wait till the cheat tool generated the given items,after that press refresh to see the changes.


Speed Hack, Xp and Energy Cheat :-  Be sure not to use the Generator feature and these options are the same time, now lets move to the tutorial, while playing the game just select any of these option or even all of them (Speed Hack, Xp hack, Unlimited Energy) and select the current browser from the list and press the “Activate” button and start playing the game again, these options will be active till the hack tool is running in the background, to disable these options just exit the tool.


Astro Garden Cheat Gold and Money Beforehttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/astro-garden-cheat-gold-money-food-timber-hack-before.jpg

Check out the image from the Astro Garden above and notice the amount of gold and money currently in this account, In this demonstration we will only hack gold and money so just keep an eye on them in the next image after we hack both of them.


Astro Garden Cheat Gold and Money Afterhttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/astro-garden-cheat-gold-money-food-timber-hack-after.jpg


Just checkout both the images above, both are taken after using the Astro Garden cheat tool, as you can see that their is a huge change in the amount of gold and money, the amount of items we have generated are safe and you can also use this cheat tool to hack and add the similar amount of items. All the gold, money, food and timber you generate are permanent in nature and can be stored until you fully utilize them in the Astro Garden.




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  1. rich

    great thanks i have generated and hack free money and gold in the astro garden on facebook with this cheat tool, its very simple and easy to use then the cheat engine and the items that i have hacked are permanent.


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