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Castle Age Cheats

The most important and most demanded items in the castle age is the favor points, so our team have decided to add this important feature in this cheat tool and bring you the best and undetected hack for favor points in the castle age, works simply this castle age hack tool can generate free unlimited favor points in seconds, adding free favor points was never so easy, this cheat tool will fulfill the needs for your favor points in the game. Having unlimited favor points you can do almost all the amazing things, you can make the best army and upgrade building to their maximum level, making best soldiers and wining all the battles and conquering whole world of castle age. On the demands of many members we have also added the gold hacking and adding features in this castle age hack tool, with this option you can get as much gold you need in the game, since the feature is new you can get it in the latest version of the tool.


Feature of the Castle Age Hacks Tool and How to use them

Castle Age Favor Points Generator Cheat

Castle Age Gold Hack


Very well designed castle age cheat is very simple to operate or use you just need to start playing the castle age for some minutes doing some battle and getting some exp or any other work in the game and then start the hack tool and wait for some time till it makes the connection with the servers after that just enter the amount of favor points and gold you need in the castle age and just press “start” button and wait till the cheat  tool finishes the process, then just refresh the game to see the changes.


Castle Age Favor Points Generator Hack Before


see the image above from the castle age newly created level 1 account, this castle age account is created just for the demonstration of this cheat as you can clearly see that we got 0 favor points currently in this account. In this demo we are just hacking the favor points and leaving the gold hack since this demonstration is made before we have added the gold hacking feature, you can see that all the other items like stamina, energy and health are at the normal level for a level 1 account, and but as soon as we use the cheat tool the things will get changed.

Castle Age Favor Points Generator Hack After


Notice the huge change in the amount of favor points? well before we use the cheat tool the favor points were 0 but after hacking the we have added free 9999 favor points in our level 1 account, these generated favor points are permanent and  can be stored for as long as you finish them, for the safety issues this cheat tool is 100% safe and secure to use and you can generate as much gold and favor points you want in the castle age on facebook.



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