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It seems we are pretty late in launching the Chefville hackt tool, as we said earlier in our Shakes and Fidget hack that we our entire team was at vacation and now we are back into action and after the high demands and hundreds of emails we decided to take the Chefville next on our list and finally after a week of hard work we have successfully made a full featured and option rich Chefville cheat tool which enables you to generate free cash, coins and all the other items in the game.

Do not fear of loosing your account, this cheat is fully secured and safe to use. You can enjoy adding free cash and coins in your account without having any problems, also be sure to add items in a small quantity so stay safer. Some of our premium users got their hands on this hack like 1 week ago and they have added insane amount of cash in account and got no problems so far, but we still not recommend you adding huge amount of cash. Users do not have to worry about adding large amount of coins since we have tested and added a huge amount of coins in your beta account and they all are safe and rolling.

Do not worry about the compatibility of this hack with your systems and operating system, after downloading you will get both the Mac and Windows version of the Chefville cheat. The cheat tool is also compatible with the major browsers and works without getting crashed and hangs. For the free users we have implemented a limit that they can only used this cheat tool for 5 additions per day, its just to avoid over usage and detection of the hack, but 5 additions per day is more then enough for almost all the users so download is without any hesitations and be a king in the Chefville.


Features of the Chefville Hacks Tool and How To Use Them

Chefville Cash Cheat

Chefville Coins Generator


Its an amazing cheat which can load your account with unlimited cash and coins, you just need to follow this simple steps. Start the game and then open the cheat tool, wait for sometime before adding the items since it will take some time to establish the connection with the servers, after around 2 minutes enter the amount of items you want to add and press the “start” button to initiate the process. For advanced users we have added a proxy option so you can hack the game anonymously.


Chefville Hack Cash and Coins Beforehttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/chefvill-cheat-cash-coins-hack-before.jpg

See the image above, its from a level 1 account which we have created just to demonstrate the cheat tool. As you can clearly see that we have not added any items yet, the amount of items showed are default for a level 1 account.


Chefville Hack Cash and Coins Afterhttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/chefvill-cheat-cash-coins-hack-after.jpg

Now see the image from the same account after using the cheat tool, The amount of cash and coins are increased dramatically. Unlike cheat engine all the items added are permanent and you can store them for weeks or until you fully used them buy products in the Chefville.



 Please Use The Download Button Above To Get Working Chefville Cheats Hacks Tool

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