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Combat Arms Hacks

We are very happy to announce our first hack for First Person Shooter games and today we are releasing premium version Combat Arms Hack which will be available for both free and premium users though premium member will get faster updates and more features, free users will can also use the premium features free for 1 month and after that they can use some basic features but those basic features are more then enough to dominate the Combat Arms.

Our team of experts have given more then 2 months in developing a working Combat Arms Hack which is 100% Undetected and safe and full of features, you will not found so many features and customizable options in any other Combat Arms hack on the internet, we have even provided you with 1 month free trial in which users can fully use all the premium features and enjoy game to its full potential, our website also offer a free Nexon NX cash generator that you can download using this Link.

Lets get back to the hack description those you fear using the hack in a game can forget their fears since we are taking 100% guarantee about safety of your account, after releasing the Combat Arms hack has been used by thousands of our premium members and amazingly none of them got their account banned, using features like aimbot, trigger bot, unlimited ammo will not get your account banned but abusing features like godmode, invisible mode,spamming grenades and other unusual  features may get you in trouble. This hack comes with a auto detect moderator and Gm option and it will automatically switch off it self if if any moderator or GM is online so you do not have to worry about them anymore, for more safety we have given a signal option so if you ever try to abuse any unusual features it will show you a warning message, for better safety just create a new account and use the hack and if you feel satisfied then try it on your main account for power leveling and better kill death ratio.

We really recommend you to use features like aimbot, trigger bot and chams on your main account since they are impossible to detect until you starts to kill almost everyone in the current room,  die some time after killing some player just to play the game naturally to avoid suspension or banning of your account,we have provided a vast variety of customization and feature selection that we will discus later but you can switch on or off almost all the option during the game play. The Combat Arms hack is coded in such a way that it will never get crash like other hacks around, you will be a hero of the game since you can view the location and actions of all the opponents while using chams, killing and getting  more Exp for game becomes easy with large amount of kills and the most amazing thing about this hack is that its FREE

Features of The Combat Arms Hacks and How To Use Them

Our Combat Arms hack comes with a huge number of customization options but we will describe some of the essential options that are required to use the hack. Start the hack before you login into the game after that just press f1 to activate the hack and before going into any room just configure the hack and select the feature you want to use.

The hack window comes with total 6 tabs Aimbot, Visuals, Config, Misc, Players and Keys all provided you with the different option that you need to select or leave to use different features.


Combat Arms Hack Aimbot Tab



Aimbot tab is the most important tab from which you can configure options like :-

Auto fire – Selecting this option and you will automatically fire at the enemy until he dies.

Auto Aim  – it is the most favorite and used feature of any FPS online game, while using Auto Aim feature you will automatically target the closet enemy on the map.

Bone Selection – This option will work after you enable auto aim feature and you will automatically target on a certain point of the enemy body, we recommend selecting chest portion to avoid detection of hack since giving head shot each time will blow your cover.

No Recoil and No Spreads – Both of these features works similarly, avoiding spreading of the bullets during firing increasing your accuracy and No Recoil also stops moving up the gun in random directions during firing.

Unlimited Ammo – This will make your ammo unlimited and you will never have to reload your guns and you can fire without any pause.



Visuals Tab



After configuring the Aimbot tab another tab that comes is visuals which is basically for configuring the game will lock while using the hack and comes with features like :-

Chams – Using chams features you can see your enemy from behind the walls and at any point on the map, this is a very important feature and everyone use it, you can further configure it by selecting features like see name tags, see health of the enemies.

Features like No Fog, Full Bright, Remove Camera Shake, Remove Weather will enhance your gaming experience since Smoke bombs will be in effective against you and weather and camera shakes will not bother you during the game play.


Combat Arms Hack Chams and Tracers


Configuration Tab


configuration tab simple enhance the working of the hack you can enable Speed Hack, Jump Hack and fine tune their speed and distance. God Mode and Auto Respawn can also be enabled from this tab, character hacking like invisible mode and even Combat Arms Rank Hack  can be selected from this tab, you can also use GM hack and Spammer bot for advertisement. GM Hack is a premium feature but we do not recommend it since it may get detected soon.


Image While using Super Jump and Chams in Combat Arms


Miscellaneous Tab



Miscellaneous tab contains features like :-

Ghost mode – In this mode you becomes invisible and can go through walls you can further select options like ghost indicator, body protection to avoid getting damage and even fly, you can increase your speed and jump distance during the this mode, their are even more option to experiment with but be sure do not use this feature too much.


Keys Tab


Bind the keys to any feature and use them just by pressing that key on the keyboard while using the Combat Arms hack.

Read First :- We use the loader technology for our hacks that is why This Combat Arms Hack Works On All The Regions



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