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Crossfire Hack


After the release of the Combat Arms hack, a group of premium members demanded the Crossfire Hack, keeping the huge demand for Crossfire hacks we decided to give our full time in making a working Crossfire hack and finally after 1 month of hard work we have made this feature packed hack, due to large amount of different feature demands it took more 15 days to add some special features in the hack and we made a perfect hack for Crossfire which is capable of doing everything in the game that you dream off.

It Contains almost all the basic features like Aimbot, Trigger bot, Chams, No Recoil, No Spread, Wall Hack and God mode as we as some super features like Auto Target Switch, Invisible Mode, No Flash, No Smoke, Distance Bomb Defuse, Show Other Hacks and more!!, we will explain all these features in details later in this post. Our team of expert coder are still working on this hack just to make it more powerful and you can get more and more updates in the future.

The Crossfire hack is very simple to understand and use, its not like other hacks on the internet where you need to give entire day just to fully understand them and use them, its comes with a basic and safe setting where you just need to start the hack and start playing the game and most of the features like aimbot, trigger bot and chams will be activated but if you want to use more features you can simple select that option and it will get activated immediately, unlike other hack where you need to restart the game or leave the room to activate other features. We have designed this hack in keeping all the users from the across the globe, you can select your preferred language from one of the option, users can also save and load their preferred and optimum setting from the save setting option and load it from load settings options so that they do not have to select all the hacking option again and again, this is the feature you will not found in other Crossfire Hacks.

Crossfire Hack Safety Guide

After so much of hard work we have designed 100% Undetected and Safe Crossfire hack, use any feature you like without any fear of getting caught from the automated reporting system of the Crossfire but we aware if someone took your screenshot and video and report it to GM then it becomes hard to save you from getting banned thus we recommend using feature like Aimbot, Chams and Trigger bot and selecting chest as a target, do not use feature like Headshot every time, ghost mode, distance kill, super jump and invisible mode since they are easy to detect from the other players and they can then take actions against you. Crossfire hack comes with a automatic GM and Admin detection method so it will just stops automatically if it any GM or Admin is online so just use this hack without any fear of getting banned or suspended but be sure to follow the safety guide properly.

Features of The Crossfire Hacks and How To Use Them

The Crossfire hack comes with a number of features and customization options but we will describe you only important once, for better usage of the hack we have divided the hack options in many tabs.


Aimbot and ESP Tab Options




This is the most feature rick and essential tab for the Crossfire hack and it contains many features like :-

Aimbot – Enabling this option will let your character to aim automatically to the closet energy in rage, you can team up this option with Trigger bot to eliminate your enemies faster.

Auto Target Switch – Your character will switch between the different targets in the closet rage, this option will only works when aimbot is enable.

Protection Check – This option will enables GM and Admin check and if someone of them is online the hack will automatically exit itself.

Trigger Bot – Your gun will fire automatically if your target any enemy, this is a fast way to kill the opponents.

Their are many other features in the ESP like ESP weapon, ESP Line, ESP box etc which further help you to see the enemies on the map according to the options you have selected.


Weapon Hacks Tab Options


Weapon hacks contains all the options related to weapons, features like increasing gun speed, weapon damage and rage etc, lets discus these options in details


No Spread – After selecting this option the guns will not move in random directions during firing, it will only attack bullets at a single point making targeting easy during the combat.

No Recoil – This option also works similar to the no spread and it stop the recoil of the gun during firing, thus the bullets will only hit the target.

Supreme Range – Increase the range of the weapon tremendously, you can hit the enemy while you are in your base and they in their base but this feature is easy to detect by other player so please use it in a low level account for fun.

Fast Reload – This option will remove the reload time and your weapons will gets reloaded instantly.

Weapon Damage and Grenade Damage – This is a special feature which you will only find in our Crossfire hack, you can increase the damage caused by both grenade and weapons up to 500% from the normal killing enemies in 1 hit.


Memory Hacks Tab Options



Memory Hacks tab deals with the hack which are related to the basic graphics of the game, here are some important options :-


No Flash –  Flash grenade will have no effect on you.

No Smoke – Smoke grenade and other smokes in the game will not be visible you can easily see through them.

No Fall Damage – You can jump from any distance in the map and you will never lose HP.

Shoot Through Walls – This is a very widely used feature in which the user can attack the enemy through walls, team this option with aimbot and trigger bot to kill all the enemies at their base.

Distance Bomb Defuse – While playing counter terrorist you can defuse the bomb from a long distance.


D3D Tab Options


CrossfireD3D tab contains options like:-


WallHack – user can move through walls and kill the enemies.

Player Chams – See the enemies shining in different colors through walls, you can also customize the colors of the chams from this menu only.


Beta Hacks tab Options


This tab contains all the options which are in the development stage or in the trial process, these options may make the hack unstable and it may get crashed but we guarantee your safety while using these options.

Some features which are in beta stage are – Speed Hack, Super Jump, Stealth mode and Fly Hack.
Read First :- We use the loader technology for our hacks that is why This Crossfire Hack Works On All The Regions



Please Use The Download Button Above To Get Working Crossfire Hacks (Unpatched)

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