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EdgeWorld Cheats Uranium Crystals Platinum Energy Hacks Tool

EdgeWorld Hack



EdgeWorld Cheats

Get the best defense and attacking forces in the edgeworld, just download the latest version of the edgeworld cheat tool and enjoy all the premium features. With this cheat tool you can freely hack unlimited platinum, uranium, energy and other items in the edgeworld, this cheat tool is specially designed in keeping the opinion of majority of  the users, before making this hack tool we have contacted and taken the views of almost all of our premium members and came up with this awesome working cheat tool, it contains all the features that you need to dominate the game, you can generate free platinum and uranium in unlimited amount since this cheat tool make the changes in the game database directly so the items you generate by hacking are permanent and can be use any time you need them. For the safety issues we have included a amount fixed meter in the tool so that you just need to selcet which amount you want to hack and this tool will generate a safe amount in your account, for compatibility issues with the browsers this edgeworld hack tool  comes with a inbuilt browsers selection option from which you can select your current browsers and add the am0ount without facing any crashes and compatibility issues.


Feature of the EdgeWorld Hacks Tool and How to use them

EdgeWorld Platinum Generator Cheat

EdgeWorld  Uranium, Energy, Crystals and Gas Hack


This cheat tool is very simple to use and user friendly and do most of the things automatically just need to do is while playing the edgeworld on facebook just start this cheat tool and decide what you need to hack in the game, after deciding just select the items like platinum, uranium, energy etc from the the list given on the cheat tool after this select the browsers in which you are running the game and then press connect to the database and wait for a while till you get the message saying  “connected”, this means that you have connected to the game database and ready to make the changes then just press the “start” button and again wait till it fully generates the items.

EdgeWorld Cheats Uranium Energy Gas and Crystals Before

Check out the image above its from a level 1 account of the edgeworld and got the basic amount of uranium,energy,gas and crystals as you can see we just got 7,500 amount of each resource in this account but soon to demonstrate the power of this cheat tool we will going to generate the free of the each item to a large amount which is not possible with normal gameplay.

EdgeWorld Cheats Uranium Energy Gas and Crystals After

See the changes after we used the cheat tool since this tool automatically detects the safe amount of uranium, energy, gas and crystals that it need to hack and add into the account we got this random increase in the amount of all these items, but the difference is so huge that it is not possible with normal gameplay, it is the power of this cheat tool that it can generated this much amount of items in seconds.


EdgeWorld Hack Platinum

For the demo purpose we have exhausted all the resources like uranium, crystals etc but just increased the number of platinum in this account, you can clearly see that we have hacked the platinum and make it 91 which is a safe amount to hack the premium item, do not worry about the platinum since you can generate as much platinum you need after you use the previously added platinum in the game. This cheat tool will provide all the items in the unlimited level.


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  1. rita /

    this is the best cheat tool ever, i have generated free platinum with this egdeworld hack tool, really awesome cheat tool i can also cheat free energy and uranium with it 😀

  2. gino /

    I love this hack and truly love this website and added free platinum and uranium in edge world

  3. Peter /

    Another Great cheats tool from this website thanks for the unlimited platinum and edgeworld hacks tool download

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  5. krish /

    getting platinum was never been so easy thanks guys

  6. Clrk /

    thanks cheatshacksfreedownload i got free uranium and even use them

  7. Nahtan /

    Wow Added 9999 Uranium its fun to play game now

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