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Woot !!! the Angry Birds is finally on facebook and everyone is playing loving it, Angry Birds on facebook got new features like power ups items like sling scope, king sling etc help players to finish the stage fast but they are for limited uses and treated as premium items in the game, overall playing the game on facebook is so much fun, getting better score then your friends crossing missions faster then them and making them jealous will become more with our Angry Birds Cheats tool,  just imagine if you get all the power – ups for unlimited number use mighty eagle for 100 time ? well its possible with out latest safe and undetected tool, its coded in such a ways that it adds all the power ups in such a way that it become that the player bought them, the hack tool it self is very simple to use and everyone with any browser and operating system can use it.


Power Ups and What They Do

ALL in One Bundle – As the name suggest ALL in One Bundle is collection of all the other power ups items, its like an cheat package deal, rather then buying all the power ups indiviudally you can just buy a ALL in One Bundle and get all the other items like king sling, sling scope, super seed etc.

Mighty Eagle – It Summons a giant eagle killing the pigs on the current level, its better to kill as much as pigs you can and you will get Total Destruction feather.

Sling Scope – As the name suggest this feature will show you the correct traveling and the point of landing of your bird for a perfect shot.

BirdQuake – This power Up feature shakes the ground destroying the entire locations of pigs and killing them.

Super Seeds – After using this skill it will convert your small bird into a giant and more powerful bird that can destroy more pigs in a shot and crushing stones .

King Sling – This Power Up convert your sling into a big and powerful throwing weapon that release birds with high speed for better shots.


Our Cheat Tool can add all the Power Ups All in one bundle, Mighty Eagle,sling Scope,birdquake,super seeds and king sling for free, rather then wasting your money on buying this items you can just cheat them and add for free with out latest Angry Birds Cheats Tool.

How To Use This Tool

After downloading this cheat tool you just need to start the Angry Birds game and after using all the previously given power ups items (all items or just one). Start Angry Birds hacks tool enter the items you need to add, but be sure you have used all the default provided items press Generate and wait for some time till the cheat tool is generating the items, after the cheat tool add the items just refresh the browser or restart the Angry Birds and you will see the changes. Please enter only small amount of items you stay safe.

Lets take the example to hacking the Mighty Eagle item

1. Start the game and use all the Mighty Eagle Item.

2. Start the Angry Birds Cheats Tool and Select the amount of Mighty Eagle you want to add and press Generate.

3. Wait till the hack tool is adding items and after it completes the process refresh the browsers.

Hope this tutorials will be enough to easily use this Angry Birds Hacks Tool.

Facebook Angry Birds Power Ups Before Using Cheats Tool


Check out that before using this hacks tool i was having a small numbers of power up in my account, you can see that i just got 4 Super seeds, 5 King sling, 4 Sling scope and just 5 Birdquakes and with the help of this awesome Angry birds cheats tool i will try to add 50 of all the these 4 power up items in Angry Birds.

Facebook Angry Birds Power Ups After Using Hacks Tool


Do be amazed its for real adding free items was never so easy, no need to follow complex cheat engine steps and fiddler tutorials its very simple and easy, now lets move to the proof image as you can see all the power up items have been increased by 50 just to show i can use them i have used some sling scope power, full how to use tutorial is given above and in the final words this cheat tool is perfectly working and safe for all the users.. play smart save money.



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