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Simcity Social Hack

Simcity Social Cheats

Yet another great cheat tool from the developers of our website, after the launch of the another sim game on facebook our team of experts have developed a  working and simple cheat for the Simcity Social on the facebook. Working flawlessly the Simcity Social hack tool is so powerful that it can generate almost all the items in the game in minutes, just check out the image of the cheat tool and you can see that we have added all the option required for you to dominate the Simcity Social on facebook.

The Simcity Social cheat tool is capable of hacking free simoleons, diamonds, materials as well as unlimited energy, this cheat can also hack fame and level but we do not recommend adding free fame and level since it can be detected easily but with the unlimited energy, diamonds and simoleons just image what you can do in the game, it will be easy to upgrade all the building in the game, unlocking premium items using diamonds will be possible and you can enjoy the game to its full potential since you will have a never ending supply of resources.

The Simcity Social players complaints about running low of energy and they can not afford to buy diamonds but with this cheat tool you will never have to pay for diamonds and worry about the energy since you will get it in unlimited amount, with features we have also worked on the safety of the users, we have tested the cheat in many condition and browsers and found it perfectly safe to use, we do came across some stability issues when we add a huge amount of items but for the safety measure we have limited the maximum amount of items to hack, so if you ever exceeds the safety amount of the diamonds and simoleons the hack tool will automatically lower its amount to a safe level making the Simcity Social cheat very safe. Used and downloaded by thousands of our premium members none ever complained about having any problems so far.

So what are you waiting for just download the Simcity Social cheat using the link given in the bottom of the post and start dominating the game, you can also help your friends just by sending the cheat tool to them and make your Simcity best in the game.

Feature of the Simcity Social Hacks Tool and How To Use Them

Simcity Social Diamonds Hack

Simcity Social Simoleons Cheat

Simcity Social Energy, Fame and Materials Cheat


Just decide what you need to hack and in which amount in the game, then start the cheat tool and be sure that the game is running in the background, enter the amount of simoleons, diamonds etc you need and press the “start” button. To make your energy unlimited just start the cheat tool select the Unlimited energy option and press start and your energy will become unlimited till you refresh or restart the Simcity Social.


Simcity Social Cheat Diamonds and Energy Beforehttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/simcity-social-cheats-diamonds-energy-hack-before.jpg

Lets begin the series of proof image, check the image above its from a newly created account of the Simcity Social. We will going to hack diamonds and will try to make energy unlimited using the cheat tool so just focus on the amount of diamonds and energy in the above image.

Simcity Social Cheat Diamonds and Energy Afterhttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/simcity-social-cheats-diamonds-energy-hack-after.jpg

The account is still on the level 2 but check the amount of energy and diamonds both of them are made almost unlimited, the cheat tool can add even more diamonds if you manage to use the previously generated diamonds so we called them unlimited amount.

Simcity Social Hack Diamonds and Simoleons Beforehttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/simcity-social-hack-diamonds-simoleons-cheats-before.jpg

We have made another image demonstration for diamonds and simoleons hack, see the image from the same level 2 account and check notice the amount of diamonds and simoleons, they are a normall amount before using the Simcity Social hack.

Simcity Social Hack Diamonds and Simoleons Afterhttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/simcity-social-hack-diamonds-simoleons-cheats-after.jpg

See the huge change in the amount of simoleons and diamonds in the same level 2 accounts , its only possible because of the Simcity Social cheat tool. This cheat tool is simply awesome and will help you in every part of the game. Making your dream city is never so easy but with this hack you can create the city as you like with full upgrades.




Please Use The Download Button Above To Get Working Facebook Simcity Social Cheats Hacks Tool

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  1. Misty

    wow tried this simcity cheat tool and added 100 free diamonds, i love this hack, its so simple and perfect, you can even add materials and fame


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