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Forge of Empires Hacks Diamonds Coins and Supplies Cheat Tool

Forge of Empires Hack

Download the latest free version Forge of Empires cheat , this cheat was previously developed for the premium users of our website but after few days of game release the demand for Forge of Empires hack tool was increased so much that we have came up with a free version of the hack, the premium and free version are the same except with speed hack, in the premium version hack we have introduced the speed hack which can boost up the speed of the game 10 times saving the time in building and researches in Forge of Empires you can get a building and production of soldiers in seconds and the researches will also completes in second saving a lots of time that you will spend in waiting. The speed hack feature will boost your level gain since all the actions are performed fast the level will also increased 10 times faster then the normal gameplay.

Their are also a lots of features for the free members also, for the free users this hack works purely as a generator tool, you can add unlimited free coins, diamonds and supplies which are perfectly usable, the items you will add with the help of this hack tool are permanent and can be stored since our all of our hack add the items in the database of the game so the changes you will made in the amount of coins, diamonds and supplies will be stored, just image what will be your defensed and offense power with unlimited items, you can fully dominate in the Forge of Empires, you can make unlimited soldiers and send them into battle and defend easily with the great resource supply that you will have , you can even research all the upgrades and updates  with huge amount of coins, diamonds and supplies.

Feature of the Forge of Empires Hacks Tool and How to use them

Forge of Empires Coins Cheat

Forge of Empires Diamonds Hack

Forge of Empires Supplies Hack


To generate free Diamonds, Coins and Supplies in the Forge of Empires you need to first download this hack using the download link given in the last of the post after downloading just extract it anywhere you like and start the hack while running game in the background, be sure you start the game before you open the hack, after this simply enter the desired amount of coins, diamonds and supplies you want in your account and press the “generate” button and wait till the hack adds the items in your account, after some time you will see the change in the items, the items added are ready to use just after you adds them.


Forge of Empires Hack Diamonds, Coins and Supplies Before

The above image is from newly created Forge of Empires account, as you can see we only got 850 coins, 700 supplies and 0 diamonds currently in this account, all these amounts are pretty normal in an level 1 account but soon we will going to use the hack and will cheat the amount of all of the three resources in the Forge of Empires.


Forge of Empires Hack Diamonds, Coins and Supplies After

Forge of Empires Hack Diamonds, Coins and Supplies After Closer Look

Check out both the images above, the first image is taken just after we have completed hacking the coins, diamonds and supplies and the other image is a closer look of the same Forge of Empires account after increasing the amount of the items, if you notice their is a huge change in the amount of coins, diamonds and supplies all the items are made 9999 which are like unlimited, you can use them anytime.




Please Use The Download Button Above To Get Working Forge of Empires Cheats Hacks Tool


  1. Nic

    my review of this Forge of empire hack – this is a nice cheat tool for all who want to get ahead in the game while they do not have enough time to wait for the diamonds and coins to gather, this hack provides you hack option for all the resources, the problem with the hack is that its very slow but add the resources in unlimited amount.

  2. Gaurav

    amazing this cheat tool for forge of empires works, its so easy to use and its way better then the cheat engine since the diamonds and coins i have hacked are permanent best Hack


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