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Hidden Chronicles Cheats

Make your energy unlimited, add free Estate cash and coins, with the latest Hidden Chronicles Cheat Tool you can do whatever you like its 100% safe and working hack tool lets you add all the items in the game just for free, come with 3 major browsers supports so that you do not have to worry about its compatibility, this cheat tool is made in such a ways that it woks with both Windows as well as Mac Os. With this cheat tool you do not have to worry about running low on estate cash, coins and even energy, In the previous version of this cheat tool we have added the hidden objects finding feature but due to security and safety reasons we have removed it in the latest version , but soon with some changes and updates we will introduce the bot feature to find hidden objects soon in this Hidden Chronicles Hack Tool. This tool is a simple way to stay ahead in the game and dominate friends.


Feature of the Hidden Chronicles Hacks Tool and How to use them

Hidden Chronicles Estate Cash Generator Cheat

Hidden Chronicles Coins and Energy Hack

Let begin the how to use tutorial first you need to download the Hidden Chronicles cheat tool from the link given in the bottom of the post, then just start the game and play it normally for some time then while game is actively running, start the hack tool and select the correct browser after that enter the desired value of estate cash and coins you need to hack in the Hidden Chronicles and press “start” button and then wait till it stops generating items. The tutorial to make you energy unlimited is easier then generating estate cash and coins, after starting the cheat tool you just need to select the unlimited energy option and then pressing “start” button will activate this feature and your energy will become unlimited.


Hidden Chronicles Cheats Image For Estate Cash Coins and Energy Before


See the image above it is from a Hidden Chronicles level 3 account with 1,283 coins , 12 estate cash and 30 energy and we will try to generate a large amount of estate cash, coins and will make the energy unlimited, this cheat tool can do this task in less then a minute.


Hidden Chronicles Cheats Image For Estate Cash Coins and Energy After


Check out the amount of estate cash, coins and energy that we have generated using this Hidden Chronicles hacks tool, the amount of all these items have increased tremendously after minutes of using the cheat tool , the account is still at level 3 but with 101,283 coins, 1011 estate cash and 9999999 energy which is unlimited and will not decrease even if you do any task that needs energy,  after seeing this everyone ask a question is this tool is safe ? and our answer is YES !! thousands of premium users downloaded and used this tool and never got any of their accounts banned, so if you want to dominate the Hidden Chronicles just download this tool and enjoy unlimited supply of coins, estate cash and energy.



 Please Use The Download Button Above To Get Working Hidden Chronicles Cheats Hacks Tool


  1. tiffany

    there are no surveys available for my country can you please help i really like playing hidden chronicles but always low on coin n energy i could do well with this tool

    1. Admin-Mark

      yannie when we started this cheatshacksfreedownload all the tools were uploaded to a non survey download website but they were getting deleted since the game developers did not want any one to take advantage of premium items for free so we have shifted our cheat tool to survey website because the tool is not getting deleted from their .. Sorry inconvenience we do not have any other choices


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