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Millionaire City Cheats

Millionaire City is a nice city building and managing game like Cityville but on the other hand its entirely different concept and we can not compare bot the games. In Millionaire City you need dollars and gold as a currency to buy and unlock structures and upgrading them. All the upgrades and making structures need  dollars so you may run short on the dollars, the gold is a premium currency that you need to buy with real money and gold can make your work easy, but buying gold again and again will cost you a lots of real money and not everyone can afford it, so on the high demand of our users we have came up with the best designed Millionaire City cheat tool ever, this cheat tool can hack unlimited amount of dollars and gold and also contains some precious options like unlocking all the houses, unlocking all the decoration etc. Millionaire City Hack tool is the only 1 tool that you need to completely dominate the game, forget about the buying the Millionaire City secrets guides, hints and tips, this cheat tool will give you instant results and its also safe, it can generate you free gold and dollars in minutes and the generated items are ready to use instantly. With this cheat you can easily level up faster then the all other player playing game without the cheat tool, you can create the most beautiful city between your friends and family, you can even share this cheat tool with them to help them grow faster in the Millionaire City. Millionaire City is the all in one hack that can change your gaming experience.


Feature of the Millionaire City Hacks Tool and How to use them

Millionaire City Gold Generator Cheat

Millionaire City Dollars Hack


Millionaire City cheat tool works as a generator to add free gold and dollars and also unlocks buildings and commerce so we have made two different tutorials for both of them. Do not use the Generator and unlock options at the same time, it will not harm your account but the tool may become unstable and may gets crashed.


Generator Tutorial :-  To generate free gold and dollars you just have to start the cheat tool while running the game in the background, then enter the desired amount of gold and dollars to hack and then press the “Generate” button and wait till you see the message that “Items Added” ,after seeing the message just close the cheat tool and refresh the game to see the changes in the amount of gold and dollars.


Unlocking Tutorial :- To unlock the houses, commerce, wonder and decoration before a certain level and for free, just start the cheat tool while running the Millionaire City then just select what you need to unlock and press the “Generate” button and the select items will instantly gets unlocked for you.



Millionaire City Cheat Gold and Dollars Beforehttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/millionaire-city-cheats-gold-dollars-generator-hack-before.jpg

lets begin the image proof, see the image above from a Millionaire City level 1 account newly created to test Millionaire City cheat tool, just notice on the amount of gold and dollars, currently we got 0 gold and some 345,799 dollars which were given in the beginning  of the game, all these gold and dollars are normal for a level 1 account. Now we will use the cheat tool and will try to hack a safe amount of these items.

Millionaire City Cheat Gold and Dollar Afterhttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/millionaire-city-cheats-gold-dollars-generator-hack-after.jpg

Now check out the same level 1 Millionaire City account after using the cheat tool, as you can see that we have successfully  hacked the amount of gold and dollars to a simple safe level, that we recommend to all the other users. We have not yet named our city and got this huge changes, just image what you can do with this cheat tool and unlimited supply of gold.


Millionaire City Hacks Gold and Dollarshttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/millionaire-city-hacks-gold-dollars-before.jpg


Just compare both the images above, both these images are from the same Millionaire City account and are taken after some minutes of difference, its clear from both of the images that this cheat tool is capable of doing what we we have said, this is an awesome cheat tool that can hack free gold and dollars to a great extent making Millionaire City experience better.



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