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My Free Zoo Cheats For Diamonds and Zoo Dollars Hacks Tool Free Zoo Hack


My Free Zoo Cheats

Make the best zoo among your friends, take the full advantage of our newly created My Free Zoo cheat tool. This cheat can load your account with the unlimited amount of diamonds and zoo dollars. The diamonds and zoo dollars you add can be used to buy animals, upgrading and buying new building in your zoo, in other words the items you generate using the My Free Zoo hack tool can be used to do anything in the game. You can make your zoo a dream zoo, unlock all the premium stuffs and use them to decorate the zoo, get all the premium animals and place them in your zoo to increase the visitors.

The My Free Zoo cheat helps you at every part of the game, you do not have to wait for the diamonds and zoo dollars to increase, since you can just add them using the hack, also its very simple to use cheat tool which works perfectly in adding the items in minutes and make your gaming experience better. Never wait for your zoo dollars to grown, they are just a few clicks away and do not pay a single money for diamonds, our cheat tool can add unlimited free diamonds.

Decorate the zoo with best and premium stuffs, that you can buy using the items you have hacked using the cheat tool and even get the rare and expensive animals in your zoo. The My Free Zoo cheat also helps you to level faster in the game since it will  be very easy to complete the quest with loads of diamonds in your account.

Its a perfectly working and safe hack tool, we have tested it for 1 month and many of our premium members enjoyed the beta version of the My Free Zoo cheat and never got banned in the game, so download it without any worries.

Features of the My Free Zoo Hacks Tool and How To Use Them

My Free Zoo Diamonds Cheat

My Free Zoo Dollars Hack


Open the My Free Zoo cheat and then start the game, be sure to open the cheat tool before starting the game. Play the game normally for a while then enter your login email on the cheat and press “connect”. After successfully connecting cheat tool with your account, enter the desired amount of dollars and diamonds and press “Add” button to activate the process of hacking, after some time you will see the changes in the items.

My Free Zoo Cheats Diamonds and Dollars Before

its very easy to add items in your account with the latest version of the My Free Zoo hack, just see the image above, its taken just before using the cheat tool that is why there is nothing special in the image. Diamonds and zoo dollars are at their low level.

My Free Zoo Cheats Diamonds and Dollars After

See the image above and compare it with the first one, you will see a huge change in the amount of both diamonds and zoo dollars, its because of the hack tool, it worked perfectly and increased the amount of both of these items. The diamond are now 1000 and zoo dollars are 1000000.


My Free Zoo Hack Diamonds and Dollars Before

We have arrange yet another pair of images with even more changes in the amount of diamonds and zoo dollars. All these items are added using the cheat tool. Check the image above, we only got 1000 zoo dollars and 0 diamonds.

My Free Zoo Hack Diamonds and Dollars After

Check the changes after using the My Free Zoo cheat tool, they are insane, both the items are made unlimited in amount. Its hard to believe on your eyes but its true all these items are usable and can be stored until you use them.



Please Use The Download Button Above To Get The Working My Free Zoo Cheats Hacks Tool

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