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Unlock all the items and never lose a battle in Ninja Warz. We have designed this cheat to cover all the aspects of the game, that is why you can hack and add almost all the items in the game, this cheat tool is capable of hacking free Karma, Gold, Tokens, health and even increase your levels in minutes with having any problems in your account , works perfectly and safely this Ninja Warz Cheat tool is so powerful that it can generate items in unlimited and unbelievable amounts will make your gaming experience so much better that you can’t even image this, Just think if you get 99999 karma and unlimited gold in your account and image what can you but with that and how strong you will become in the Ninja Warz. In simple words this cheat is awesome and lets you dominate the entire Ninja Warz game. You do not have to get wait for revive or going to the hospital again and again with this cheat tool you can get yourself heal in minutes, just buy and unlock all the items with the large amount of karma. Just dominate the game win all the battle unlock all the powerful items and weapons and kill your opponents in 1 hit. This cheat tool is a complete domination package for everyone.


Feature of the Ninja Warz Hacks Tool and How to use them

Ninja Warz Karma Cheats

Ninja Warz Tokens and Gold Hack

Ninja Warz Energy and Health Generator


Very simple to operate this cheat tool can generate free karma, gold, tokens in just 3 steps , firstly you need to start the Ninja Warz and play it for some time then after that start the cheat tool after starting the cheat tool just enter the desired amount of karma, gold, tokens etc you need to hack in Ninja Warz then just press “Generate” button and the Ninja Warz hack will start adding items and as soon as the progress completes just refresh the game to see the changes and then you can instantly use the generated karma and gold.


Ninja Saga Cheats Karma Image Before


See the image above its taken a few minute before we use the Ninja Warz, since we are just cheating the amount of karma so just focus on the amount of karma we have in this account, the cheat tool will work perfect and we will try to make our karma unlimited, before hacking the karma in this account we have hacked the gold that’s why you can see the huge amount of gold in this Ninja Warz account.

Ninja Saga Cheats Karma Image After


Ninja Saga Cheats Karma Image After – A Closer look


See the both images above, both are from the same Ninja Warz accounts and are taken after using the cheat tool and after hacking the karma, if you look a little closer in the both images you can clearly see that the karma is hacked to unlimited amount and updated to 999, if in the future you managed to use all these karma you can still generate 999 karma again, so finally you ends up with the unlimited karma.


Ninja Saga Cheats Karma and Level Hack


Amazed ? its true with the level hack feature and karma hack features you can hack and simply get a super high level with large amount of karma in your account but one important thing we do not recommend hacking a very high level since it may leads to an unstable game and may lead to crashing of the entire Ninja Warz servers, that is why you can only add 1 level per week while using this cheat tool but their is no limit in adding karma.



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  1. Kiddy

    this is the best cheat for ninja warz, i have tried and hacked free 999999 karma and also added free 999999 gold like 4 days ago, and those items are still in my account and i can easily use them, this is the best best hack tool on the whole internet .. thanks


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