Nintendo Wii Points DSI and 3DS Points Generator

Free Wii Points – DSi Points – 3Ds Game Card Generator

Yes, its a premium version generator which is also available for free users to download, first this generator was only released for the premium members of our website but soon on the increased demands of the free users we have finally decided to launch the generator for the free users also, you can easily download this generator from the link given in the bottom of the post, the download is completely safe and anonymous so you do now have to worry about anything related to the download of this generator. This is a 3 in one generator which is capable of generation Free Wii Points , Free DSi Points and even Free 3DS Points Card, you can enjoy unlimited amount of each of these points and they are safely redeemable at the Nintendo shops.

The Generator can generate free points cards of any type and amount which are genuine and are redeemable at any place, since you got a never ending supply of the Wii points, DSi points and 3DS points cards just image what you can do with it, you can just unlock all the latest stuffs, can download the latest games, 3d movies and lots more stuff for your character in a multiplayer game, you can enjoy almost all the games and features to their best level.

It took more then 4 months to our team to designed and develop this generator,the coding and features becomes so complex in this generator because we had to code 3 generator options in single generator and we have never done such kind of work in the past it become very hard for our team do designed this generator and after 4 months of hard work we finally got a fully functional Wii points – DSi points – 3Ds Generator which is so powerful and feature packed that we had to make a entire configuration panel for it, below you will see a image of it


Nintendo Wii Points DSI and 3DS Points Generator Configuration Menu

The configuration of this generator is so complex that we do not recommend to use any of these option until you are fully aware of them and we just recommend using the default settings that comes with it. No serious issues will occurs even if you do not  configure the generator correct, in the worst case the generator will not generate the correct Points, in case of any configuration failure generator and it will recover the default settings again after you restart it.

So safe and simple this generator can work best in the out of box setting but just to boost up the speed and correctness of the points it will generates you can configure it using the configuration menu which contains a huge numbers of options.

What Are Wii Points, DSi Points and 3DS Point Cards

Wii Points

Wii Points are the currency for the Wii shop channel and you can redeem the Wii points card to Wii shop channel and then unlock and download the library of games for Wii console and other console which Nintendo offers.

3DS Game Card – 3Ds Points Card

You can easily refill your Nintendo 3DS eWallet by which you can enhance your experience on 3DS by unlocking new add on content, new and collection of games, on demand 3d videos, you can also see users review and previews of games and can download the classic Gameboy and Gameboy color titles from the eshop.


Free Wii Points, DSi Points and 3DS Points Card Generator – How To Use

Generating all types of points and codes are very similar, just imagine we need to get free Wii Points code using the generator then all you have to do is to start the generator and go to the configuration menu and select the operation system only do not touch any other setting if you are not aware of them, after selecting the correct operating system just press save button, then select the “wii points card” option on the generator and press “start” button and wait till the generator produces the code, after getting the code just press the confirm/test option to be sure that you got the working and genuine points code, the confirmation test will take some time and will show you the result on the top left corner, after passing the confirmation test the generated Wii points card is ready to be redeemed.


Free Ultimate Game Card Codes Image Proofs

Check out the image above, its before we have redeemed the generated Wii Points Card, as you can see i already have 750 Wii points in this account, but soon we will going to redeem the same code that we have generated in the how to use section.

See this is the same code that we have generated earlier in the how to use section, you can go above and match it, i have already pressed the “ok” button and we will see soon that this Wii points code will worked or not.

Finally the generated Wii points code worked successfully and you see the change in the amount of Wii points in the same amount, before redeeming we were having only 750 Wii points and but after redeeming the generated code we got 2000 free Wii points.




Please Use The Download Button Above To Download The Nintendo Wii Points DSI and 3DS Points Generator

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