Play4Free Funds Generator

Play4Free Funds Generator Hack

We are breaking the limits by releasing new generators each day, now we present you the most demanded Play4Free Funds generator which can generate free Play4Free Funds for battlefield, battlefield heroes and lord  of Ultima. This is a great generator which took us 1 month to develop first we have decided not to work on this generator but on the high demands of the premium users we were force to make this generator soon, our team of experts given around 18 hours a day to designed the Play4Free Funds generator and after rigorous testing we have released the generator for premium as well as free users.

Play4Free Funds generator is capable of adding any amount of Play4Free Funds in your account safely which can be redeemable to any items for the supported game, this generator is for safety around 1 week, our testers have tested it on 100 of accounts on which they have generated loads of Play4Free Funds and used them to buy items and unlock items and features in the supported game and the are successfully able to redeem the funds for items, the account are still working without any issues and problem, the testing is done just to make our users sure about they will not have any safety issues while using the generator, almost all the generator and cheats on our website are fully tested and used before they are open for download. This generator can generate codes which can be used worldwide the region sensor in the generator will give you region specific funds code which are fully usable at the given area.

What Are Play4Free Funds ?

Play4Free Funds are digital license which can be used to buy and unlock special content in the games like Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield Heroes, and Lord of Ultima such as clothing items, weapons and special widgets. You can easily dominate the games with special items that you can unlocked or bought using the Play4Free Funds.


Free Play4Free Funds Generator – How To Use

This is a simple to use generator which dose not required special skills to use.

Just start the Play4Free Funds Generator and enter your username, then enter the desired amount of funds you want to add in your account and press the “generate” button on the generator then wait till the process finishes and you will see the increased amount of funds in your account.


Free Play4Free Funds Image Proofs

see the image above its from one of our testing accounts, the account username is heroit and if you notice it do not have any Play4free Funds currently, the image is taken just before using the generator that is why their are no funds in this account.

Check the above image which is taken from the same account but just after using the generator, as you can notice that their is a huge change in the amount of PLay4Free Funds, its all because of the generator, with the help of this generator you can add even more free Play4free Funds, its very simple and effective tool to dominate the game.



Please Use The Download Button Above To Download The Play4Free Funds Generator

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  1. Eric

    The Play4free Funds Generator changes my whole gaming experience, since i do not want to spend real money on the game items, i was looking for a hack, which can help me in getting free funds and finally i got one here, the first time i thought that its fake but i downloaded it and tried it on a low level account and Bang!!! it really generated 100 funds in my account. Then i took the chance and tried it on my main account and added 1000 funds and it done it again.. the accounts are still working and i can use those funds to buy premium goodies.. thanks for the awesome generator hack.


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