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Social Wars Cheats

A great and working cheat tool for the latest Social Wars (Men Vs Women) game on facebook, the image that you are looking above is just old from and the old cheat tool was able to cheat just Cash gold and wood but the latest version of the hack tool is capable of generating free cash, gold,wood, steel and oil in the Social Wars. Well adding cash will also solve the problem but on the weird demands of the gamers  we have made this cheat tool an all in one and now it can hack all the resources in the game easily, generating a huge amount of cash will not be safe ( i am talking about people adding 99999999 cash) a little like 100 is very safe and secure amount of gold to generate and use in single cycle of the hack tool, but people get greedy and adds a lots of cash that is why we have added gold,steel,wood and oil generator also so that people may alternatively use the normal resources in Social Wars and enjoy the Social Wars cheat tool.


Features of the Social Wars Hacks Tool and How to use them

Social Wars Cash Generator Hacks

Social Wars Gold, Oil, Steel and Wood Cheats

Lets move to the tutorial of generating free Cash in the Social Wars using this cheat tool, start the and play the game as you normally do for some time and start the social wars cheat tool and wait for like 2 minutes till the tool will make a better connections at the social wars servers, then enter the amount of cash that you need to add (100 per cycle is safer) and then press “Generate” button and wait till it finished the process, and Boom!!! you will get the items as soon as you refresh the game.

The tutorial for adding other resources like gold steel etc are as same as generating free cash in the Social Wars but be sure not to add resources and gold simultaneously.

Social Wars Image before using the Social Wars Hack tool


Its just a level 2 account on which you will see the demo station of the latest version cheat tool with all the options and features open, we will see the change in cash, gold, steel, oil and even wood, this will prove how powerful this cheat tool is and how it can make your social wars gaming experience much more better then just waiting to gather items before making army and building, you will never loss a war with this tool since you will get a huge and powerful army, lets get to the image check it clearly.

Social Wars Image after using the Social Wars Hack tool


Well the changes in the amount of cash, gold,steel and other resources are so much that everyone can notice them clearly, this is the true power of this social wars cheat tool, since its so simple to use as you have read in the tutorial section everyone can use this and get an edge in the gamer over the others, if you have noticed all the items are added to 999999 but the cash is only generated to 1000 its because cash is a premium item in the game and its better to add a small amount of cash to stay safe in social wars.

Level 21 Social Wars Account for Demo


Don’t be afraid to use this tool for on a high level account, this tool is 100% safe and works perfectly if you add normal amount of cash and gold in your account, if you can see in this image we have just added 52 cash its very very safe amount and see the resources they all are generated to a safe and normal amount as they can. Do not get greedy for fast level play it simply and use tool at a normal rate do not add 99999 items add them in normal amount.



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  1. Pilo

    thanks i never saw this much of cash in my account , this cheat tool for social wars is the best on the internet, i love it just hacked free gold and wood to 9999999.

    1. Enric

      amazing working cheat for social wars, i have added 100 cash like 10 times in my account and got them in minutes successfully every time, this hack rocks!!


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