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Song Pop Cheats

Again you brings you the cheat for an on demand game Song Pop on Facebook. Covered with all the features this cheat tool works as a generator as well as bot, helping you to quickly win the challenges. Lets talk about the generator option of the Song Pop cheat tool, it capable of adding free coins and powerups at any time and in any amount you need them, with this hack you do not have to be worry about the running low of coins as well as powerups, they are just a few clicks away from you. You can create as many matches you want and can easily dominate them with the free coins and powerups at your side. If in case you decide not to use the coins hack then we have arranged another feature for you which is “double coins” which increase your coins gain to the double amount so that you can quicky win more coins from the challenges you win from the other players.

For those who did not want to lose in Song Pop, we have provided a bot feature or auto play option, enabling it will activate the auto play mode which is directly connected our database and it will answers on your behalf, which guarantee you to give  90% correct answers in the game, but since auto play bot is a bit risky option, we have provided a hints feature which will provide you hints about the answers, well basically it tells you the correct answers and you can win the challenge

The Song Pop hack tool contains all the options which are needed to win all the time but the most favorite option is still coins and powerups hack, provided with the unlimited coins and powerups a player can grow faster. With huge resources of coins and powerups, you will automatically score better in the game and with auto play and hints options enabled your score will be insane, just share your score with the friends and make them jealous. This cheat tool is designed  in such a way that it is very easy to use and all the features are defined clearly so that no one will get confused with them.

The hack tool comes with different customization options like like selecting the speed of items generation in your account, from this option you can select the speed of addition of the coins and powerups in your account but know that the faster you go the high will be the risk of crashing the cheat tool, but there is no safety risk involved. You can also find a update option on the cheat tool, from which you can always download the latest version of the cheat for free, yes, we are providing free updates for first 100 users.

Features of the Song Pop Hacks Tool and How To Use Them

Song Pop Coins Cheat

Song Pop Powerups Hack

Song Pop Auto Play Bot


First we are taking generator options tutorial, to add free coins and powerups in your account, start playing the game then open the cheat and first select the browser, it depends on you if want to login your facebook account or not, by default the tool can work without adding the account in it and it will hack items in the account in which the game is running on the background. at that time. After managing all the previous steps just enter the amount of coins and powerups you want to add in your account and press the”start” button and you will get items.

To activate the hints, double coins and auto play feature just select them and press “start” to enable them and they will help you till the cheat tool is running.

Song Pop Cheat Coins and Powerups Beforehttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/facebook-song-pop-cheat-coins-powerups-hack-before.jpg

 See the amount of coins and powerups before we used the cheat tool. We have created this new account to show you that this cheat works perfectly and can hack items in minutes.


Song Pop Cheat Coins and Powerups Afterhttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/facebook-song-pop-cheat-coins-powerups-hack-after.jpg

Again check the amount of coins and powerups, both are increased with a large difference, don’t be confused its the same account but the image is taken just after using the hack tool. Its very simple to add all these items with our cheat tool.


Song Pop Hack Coins and Powerups Beforehttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/song-pop-hack-coins-powerups-cheat-before.jpg

The second set of proof images are been sent by one of our premium users and since the changes are very huge in the amount of coins and powerups we have considered them for displaying to all of you. Check the image above, its taken just before using the cheat, as you can see there is no special thing in that image.


Song Pop Hack Coins and Powerups Afterhttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/song-pop-hack-coins-powerups-cheat-after.jpg

Check out the image taken just after using the cheat, the changes in the amount of coins and powerups are incredible, that is why we have selected these two image for demonstration purpose. Now when you know the true potential of the cheat, what are you waiting for, free download awaits!!.




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