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Stardoll Cheats

Get instant superstar upgrade and live your dream life in the stardoll on facebook. This is the best cheat tool so far and will lets you generate free starcoins, stardollars and starpoints, you can generate each of these items in almost unlimited amount. Buy all the premium cloths, makeup and accessories in the Stardoll game, easily make your character best in the game and just dominate it entirely. With this Stardoll cheat you can win all the competitions, make your friends jealous by showing the huge amount of starcoins, stardollars and starpoints in your account, with free superstar upgrade option just image how much money you can save on the game, Stardoll hack will fulfill all your needs in the game, you can just level faster then the normal game play since you will never run short of any items in the game after using this cheat tool. Works on all the operating systems and browsers this is a safe and secure cheat tool, its very easy to use and anyone can use it to hack free items in the game, for better safety we also added a filter that will make limit the hacking of excessive starcoins, stardollars and starpoints in the game.


Feature of the Stardoll Hacks Tool and How to use them

Stardoll Superstar upgrade Hack

Stardoll Starpoints Generator Cheat

Stardoll Cheats Starcoins and Stardollars


This tutorial will be divided into two parts first will explain how to generate free starcoins, stardollars and starpoints and other part will explain how to upgrade to superstars, since both the hack options are separately made we suggest that do not use both options at the same time.


How to hack free starcoins, stardollars and starpoints :-  While playing the game in the background in any browser just start the Stardoll cheat tool, after starting the cheat tool just enter the amount of items you need to add in your account and press “Add items” button and then wait till the cheat tool adds the items in your account, after this finishes just press refresh button to see the changes.

How to upgrade to free superstar :- To upgrade to superstar your need to start the game and play for a while and complete some missions just to make sure that your got complete database connectivity, then start the cheat tool, after starting the cheat tool again complete some more missions to provide full connection between the database and the cheat then just select for how much time you need to upgrade to superstar and press “upgrade” button to start upgrading after the cheat finishes the process just restart the game to see the upgrade..enjoy !!!


Stardoll Cheats Starcoins and Stardollars Before stardoll cheats stardollars starcoins generator hacks before

lets begin the image demonstration of this cheat tool , we could have provided with the video demo ,but we do not have time for it, let rock, see the image above we have created this account for this demo only as you can see that we got 3 starcoins and 10 stardollars in this account, these items are given by default at this level and soon we will use the cheat to hack both of these items and try to add a safe amount of them.

Stardoll Cheats Starcoins and Stardollars Beforestardoll cheats stardollars starcoins generator hacks after

Check out the amount of the starcoins and stardollar now, they are changed dramatically as you can see that starcoins are now 30000 and stardollars are now 10000, all these items are usable and can be generated again if you use all the previously added items in Stardoll

Stardoll Hacks Starcoins and Stardollarsstardoll hacks for starcoins stardollars hacks

stardoll starcoins stardollars cheats hacks generator

See both the images above, they are taken just after we have hacked insane am0unt of starcoins and stardollars in the Stardoll game, this cheat tool is so powerful and safe that you can generate these huge amount of items in minutes and if think you can use these items in months then do no be afraid you can add even more starcoins and stardollars with these tool. Really this hack will help you in each and every aspect of the Stardoll and will save you a lots of real money.


Thanks for Verification Here is Your Download Link

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Please Use The Download Button Above To Get The Working 2013 Stardoll Cheats Hacks Tool


  1. theodorareal /

    i don’t understand!! Where is the Confirm???????

    • Admin-Mark /

      you can see the confirm button after you like, after pressing like the confirm appears in the place of like

  2. timOnfire /

    amazing cheat tool for stardoll i have added almost 1000 stardollars and they are still in myu accounts after weeks, great hack thanks mate!!!

  3. Roxy /

    So,i have share and i have like but where i press now confirm ?

    • Admin-Mark /

      after you press like you can see a small confirm text on the place of like

  4. demy /

    i like it

  5. keasa /

    hey thx for everything

  6. elene /

    I am so angry because there are no surveys available in my country

  7. sdefrtgy /

    How i can download? Can you download on media fire?

    • Admin-Mark /

      we have provided mediafire links in the past but the tool was getting deleted from mediafire due to complaints by the game developers

  8. YO0O0O0O0O0 /

    Is it totally safe? It doesnt give you spyware, potential threats and such and such? Does it actually work?
    Plz respond! THX!

    • Admin-Mark /

      thousand of our users downloaded this tool and even shared it will many of their friends and no one got any problems, All the tools are 100% safe to download you can scan them with any anti-virus you want.

  9. miarqueen /

    5000 stardollars

  10. cysco /


  11. Henna /

    wow cool!

  12. Henna /

    Wow first i had 3325 starpoints i have ……… 9957 starpoints now!

  13. Janese /

    Whoa, tinhgs just got a whole lot easier.

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