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Terra Monsters Cheats Terra Dollars Honor Points Hack Tool

Terra Monsters Hack

Terra Monsters Cheats

I am also a big fan of the Terra Monsters game you can play it it with your facebook account or even create account using any active email, Terra Monsters is a game like Facebook Monster Galaxy and Miscrits World of Adventure but 1 good thing that i found in the Terra Monsters is that you do not have to wait for your monster to get healed, you Terra Monster can get healed in couple of seconds but the most irritating part of the game is running low of Terra Monsters Dollars, the Terra dollars are taken as a premium item and you are force to buy them since they can be used alternative to the honor points in the game, another problem is the monster fight appearing while you are just roaming around the island.

Enough about the game lets get to the Terra Monsters cheat tool, its the first Terra Monsters cheat on the whole internet we have worked very hard in making this cheat tool, for the first version this cheat can hack free terra dollars and honor points in the game, since these 2 items have most important part in the game we have decided to add both of these items in the primary version of the cheat tool, the Terra Monsters hack tool is capable of generating these two items in unlimited amount you can do whatever you like in the game, your Terra Monsters will easily get evolve since you will never run short of terra dollars, given premium and best food to your monster will be so easy, this cheat will fulfill all your need in a few clicks, just image that you have never ending supply of the  terra dollars and honor points by which you can really dominate the game very easily, you can level your Terra Monsters very fast since you can fight nonstop by buying huge amount of potions, you can easily buy custom colors for your monster, its an easy way to enjoy the with items entire features.

Soon we will be adding fast monster evolve and keeper hack feature which will help your monster to evolve faster and unlocking the keeper for free, both of these features are on a high demand and we are currently working on it and soon they will be introduced in the cheat tool.

Feature of The Terra Monsters Hacks Tool and How To Use Them

Terra Monsters Terra Dollars Cheat

Terra Monsters Honor Points Hack


To hack free terra dollars and honor points using this cheat tool just start the game and play it for some time and start the cheat be sure you are not in a fight, then enter the amount of terra dollars and honor points you want to hack and press the “generate” button and wait for a while then refresh or restart the game to see the changes.

Terra Monster Cheat Terra Dollars and Honor Points Before

The above image is from a newly created Terra Monsters account, if you have noticed it got the basic amount of terra dollars and honor points which are given at the very beginning of the game, we have not used the cheat tool yet.

Terra Monster Cheat Terra Dollars and Honor Points After

Check the amount of terra dollars and honor points again, we have successfully hacked both the items and increased them in a huge amount, all these generated item are usable and can be stored as long as you want or fully used them.


Terra Monster Hack Terra Dollars and Honor Points Before

For a better demonstration we have arranged another set of proof images, just check the image above which is from another and higher level terra monsters account, it got only 431 honor points and 0 terra dollars, the image is taken without using the hack so their is nothing special in it.

Terra Monster Hack Terra Dollars and Honor Points After

After successfully hacking the game we have added a tremendous amount of terra dollars and honor points, as you can see a huge change in the amount of both of these items, its only because of this cheat tool which is so powerful that it can generate unlimited amount of both the items.You can experiment with cheat and can get much safer amount of items.




Please Use The Download Button Above To Get Working Terra Monsters Cheats Hacks Tool

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