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Tetris Battle Cheats

Losing all the matches in Tetris Battle and want still want to dominate friends in the game, then you are at the right place, this is the working cheat tool for Tetris Battle which is capable of generating free Gold Coins, Tetris Cash and will make your energy unlimited. Just image how powerful this Tetris Battle hack will make you and with so much energy and items you can buy all the upgrades and win the matches very easily. Tetris Battle cheat tool will save you a lots of money that you would spend in buying the  tetris cash, this cheat tool is also a auto bot ( we will give you a tutorial to use auto bot in this cheat tool later), with the latest auto play bot feature added in this hack this become the best cheat tool in the whole internet, you can just sit and relax during the 2 player mode and automatically win the each and every game in the Tetris Battle on facebook.

So finally this cheat tool comes with all the crucial features that one need to completely dominate the game this works as both a generator adding free items and works as a bot helping you to win the game and get stars and level much faster then the normal gameplay.


Feature of the Tetris Battle Hacks Tool and How to use them

Tetris Battle Gold Coins and Tetris Cash Generator Cheat

Tetris Battle Energy Hack

Tetris Battle Autoplay and autobot


Very simple to use Tetris Battle cheat tool is a perfectly coded and working software that contains both generator and bot feature so we will separate tutorials for both the features

Generator Features Tutorial :- To generate free gold coins, tetris cash and energy just start the game and play it usually for sometime, after this just start the cheat tool and enter the amount of cash, coins and energy and then press “Activate Hack” button and then wait till the cheat tool hack and adds the items in your account, after this press refresh and see the changed amount of items.


Autoplay and Autobot Feature Tutorial :-  To start the autoplay mode in the cheat tool you need to start the game and before the pressing start to begin the battle just press “Activate Hack” button and after some time you will get a message that “bot activated”, after seeing that message just start the battle and bot will take care of your opponent.

Tetris Battle Gold Coins and Tetris Cash Hack beforehttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/facebook-tetris-battle-hacks-cash-coins-generator-cheats-before.jpg

The image above is from a level 1 account which we have created just for the demo of this cheat tool, as you can see that it got 1000 gold coins and just 5 tetris cash in it, we are not hacking energy in this demo since for the energy hack we have arranged some images provided by our members, lets get back to the image as you can see their is noting special in the image above gold and cash are on the normal level , but soon we will going to use the cheat tool and hack the gold coins and tetris cash.

Tetris Battle Gold Coins and Tetris Cash Hack Afterhttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/facebook-tetris-battle-hacks-cash-coins-generator-cheats-after.jpg

Check out the image above, its from the same account as you can match the names of them. If you see the amount of gold coins and tetris cash their is a very huge difference in them, both the gold coins and cash are now 99999 which is unlimited amount,  the amount is huge that no one can even image having this much of the items in their account, this is not fake all the items are easily usable and are permanent.

Tetris Battle Cheats Energyhttp://image.cheatshacksfreedownload.com/tetris-battle-cheats-cash-coins-energy-hack.jpg

See the image above , its sent by one of our premium member for the demonstration purpose only that is why we have hide the name of the player, let get to the image as you can see that the user have hacked all the items in the game and made them unlimited. We will just focus on the energy since we have given a proof of gold coins and tetris cash hack earlier. the energy is hacked and made unlimited in the above image.




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