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The Sims Social Hack


The Sims Social Cheats

Full of premium features and most demanded option this cheat tool will never let you down in the sims social game, we have included almost all the features that gamer need to dominate in the sim social, great simplified graphical user interface make this tool very easy to use, its way better then the cheat engine since this cheat tool is self explanatory and even a 10 year old can use this but we have also provided a how to use tutorial later in this post. Lets move back to the cheat tool and its information its 100% safe to use of you add small amount of items and even adding large amount of simcash, simoleons, energy and social points will not get you in any problems since this tool got auto decrease items feature that will stabilize and decrease the amount of items generated to a small level to keep you safe, totally rock solid hack tool for sims social let you dominate the game in minutes. Just to be compatible and avoid crashes of the cheat tool this tool currently support 4 of the major browsers and you must select the browsers in which you can plying the sims social for best results.


Feature of The Sims Social Hacks Tool and How to use them

The Sims Social Simcash Generator

The Sims Social Simoleons and Social Points Hack

The Sims Social Energy Cheat

Use of this tool is very simple and the GUI of the tool is made in the way that anyone can use it but we will give you a demonstration to use this hack tool, lets begin the how to use tutorial, let say you need to add 100 simcash and 100 energy in your account, then first you have to download this cheat tool from the link given in the bottom of the post, then need to extract it at any place, after this just start the sims social on facebook and need to play it for some time then start the cheat tool enter 100 in simcash option and 100 at energy option then be sure to select correct browser then press “Apply Hack” then the progress bar in the bottom start to fill, after the completion and generation, refresh the game and you can see the items. Simple ? is way better then the cheat engine steps where you need to follow complex steps, this is a perfectly working cheat tool for sims social game.


The Sims Social Image Before Using Cheat Tool


It may be better if we show you a video demonstration or proof whatever you think, but videos are getting deleted fast so we show only image proofs , let get back to the images, check out the image from the sims social account and you can see only a small amount if simcash, simoleons,energy and social points, its normal for a level 1 account, just see these items before i have used the sims social hacks tool then compare them to the itemswe will have.

The Sims Social Image After Using Cheat Tool


It is clearly visible that on the same account and same level i got this huge amount simcash, simoleons, energy and even hacked free social points, its not fake the account is still working and with the same amounts of items in it.

 Sim Social Cheats With Safe Amounts After Using Hack Tool


On the demand of many users we have created an image demonstration to show a safe amounts of simcash, simoleons, energy and social points hack with this sims social hack tool, check out the amount of items that we have before using this awesome cheat tool, you will not see the huge changes in them since we have want to explain you about adding a little items to stay safe in the game.


 Sim Social Cheats With Safe Amounts Before Using Hack Tool


As you can see that we have not added a huge amount of items, since we want to you show that adding a small amounts simcash, simoleons, energy and social points is a way safer then adding a huge amount of items at a single time since the huge changes, we really recommend adding items in small amounts again and again as you need them, but you can make your energy unlimited.



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