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Travian Hack

Travian Cheats

We are really proud to announce the release of another high demanded cheat tool, the Travian cheat engine is  on our to do list for about 1 month but due to some other projects we have delayed this cheat tool but today we are finally releasing this cheat for both premium and free users, this cheat tool is a awesome working and simple to use cheat which is capable of hacking unlimited free gold and other resources which you need in the Travian, this hack is designed in keeping almost all users and needs in mind that is why this cheat can generate any amount of gold, lumber, clay, iron and crop. You will never run short of any resources in the game, for safety measures we have made this hack such that it can generate only predefined values of the gold and resources because in the past version we have seen that some users were adding insane amount of gold and resources in their account which is causing the whole Travian server to get unstable so they have patched our cheat but soon we have came up with this updated version which is safer to use and will lets to add a secure amounts of gold and resources making your hacking experience better and safe.

Lets talk about the graphical user interface of the Travian Hack Tool, this tool is designed in such a way that it is well understood by all the people and it is very easy to use we have introduce a new feature in this cheat which will change the language of the cheat tool according to the region in which the user is using it, the automatic language changing option makes it even more easy to use, support all the servers and regions this cheat tool will really help you during the entire gameplay.

Just imagine what you can do with the free unlimited supply of gold and resources in the game. Stop waiting for hours to collect the resources  to build army and buildings, with the Travian cheat tool you can dominate the entire game in days, you can own the best army in the game without playing game for hours and you can save a lots for time for your real life, do not be afraid to use this cheat tool we guarantee your safety.

We are also working on instant build and research feature which can be added soon, with the instant build and research feature you just complete all the building works in seconds, you do not have to wait for hours just for a building to build or any soldier to build. The first version of the Travian Cheat was having the instant build feature but users abused it so much that we need to remove it, but soon we will again add that feature with some limitations so that it will not be noticed by the Travian servers.

Feature of The Travian Hacks Tool and How To Use Them

Travian Gold Cheat Engine

Travian Lumber Cheat

Travian Clay, Crop and Iron Hack


Let move to the tutorial to use Travian cheat, first start the game and login you account and play the game for some time after that start the cheat tool and enter your username in the nick column, then selcet the correct server and enter the amount of gold and resources you want to hack and generate in your account and press “start” button, after pressing the start button just wait for some time till the items are being hacked then you will the changes.


Travian Cheats Gold and Resources Before

Check the image above from my own account, its level 1 account and newly created few hours ago just to test the Travian hack, see the amount of gold and all the resources, all seems normal since we have not used the cheat tool yet.

Travian Cheats Gold and Resources After

Check the image above which is taken after we have used the Travian cheat, the gold is now 100 from 0 and all the resources are on their maximum level, the hack worked perfectly and yet we have released it for public download.

Travian Hack for Free Gold and Resources Before

We have asked some of our premium member to send us images of their accounts when they use the cheat tool, this image is from one of our member as you can see this image is taken before using the Travian cheat,it got 0 gold and low resources.

Travian Hack for Free Gold and Resources After

The above image is taken after some hours of using the hack, you can notice that the user have hacked insane amount of gold, the gold is now 1600 and other resources are at their maximum level, but just to show that the generated items works perfectly the users have used some lumber and crop.



Please Use The Download Button Above To Get Working Travian Cheats Hacks Tool

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