Ultimate Game Card Generator

Ultimate Game Card Code Generator

On the high demands of the premium users we were force to develop this Ultimate Game Card Generator but we are really proud to announce that this generator is a success, after months of hard coding and tweaking we finally made the working generator which is capable of generating genuine and working Ultimate Game Card Codes. This generator can generate almost unlimited codes which can are redeemable to in any game which supports the Ultimate game card payment option.

Do not be afraid to use this generator on your main account we have addressed almost all the safety and security issues and have fixed in the beta version, this generator is tested for 3 months, we have used the generated Ultimate Game Card codes to thousands of out testing account and found no issues or problems with them, all of the accounts are still working and we can even buy the premium accounts and premium items offered in the game till now. Since this generator retrieves the updated codes directly from the Ultimate database the codes generated are always working and genuine that is why you do not have to worry about anything.

The Generator can generated unlimited codes so you can even gift them to your family and friends to make them happy, but please do not sell the generated codes and try to use them for yourself only, sharing the Ultimate Game Card Codes for free is very even you can gift this generator tool to your loved once so that they can also generate unlimited codes and use them as they like. The codes can be generated in mass using the batch option, if you want to generate more then 1 code or say 100 of them in single time then just select the batch generate feature, which is capable of generation the codes in a large amount in single time and if you want to generate only single code then just go for the default settings .

We have introduce the auto update feature in the Ultimate Game Card Generator so if anything changes or a new update arrives you will be notified and you can just download the latest version by clicking the download link given on the generator itself, full of features this is a premium version generator which we have introduced to the free public users, you can download it free from our website only.

What Are Ultimate Game Card ?

Just like Microsoft Points and other game cards out their, Ultimate game cards are a new way for payments, you can pay for more then 1000 games which are supported the Ultimate  game card payment mode, its just like the normal game card but supports more then one game. The Ultimate game card supports Facebook games to online games like Runescape etc, the ultimate game cards rang from $5 to $ 50 and you can get great offers while buying them, they are available to buy from online to retail stores. Ultimate Game Card can be used to pay for the in game items, premium shops of the game and for premium subscription.


Free Ultimate Game Card Generator – How To Use

This generator can generate free Ultimate Game Card codes from $5 to $ 20, here is a short tutorials to generate the codes.

Download the Ultimate Game Card Generator from the link which we were provided then extract it anywhere you want after extracting simple run the generator and press the “Generate code” button to generate a single Ultimate Game Card code and if you want to generate more then 1 code at a single time just press the batch generate option, to copy all the codes in a single time press the “copy code” button on the generator and the paste the generated codes in a text file to use them later. The generated codes are ready to immediately after generating them.


Free Ultimate Game Card Codes Image Proofs

In the image above we are redeeming the $5 Ultimate Game Card code which we have generated above using the Ultimate Game Card Generator, we are trying to buy the premium subscription for Fantage online game, as you can see that we have entered the generated Pin.

The generated Ultimate Game Card code works perfectly , as you can see that the generated code worked and we have loaded $5 successfully in our account but we will need more $5 Ultimate Game Card Pin to get the premium subscription so we will generate more codes to make the payment done.

We have generated another free Ultimate Game Card code and entered it and soon we will try to redeem this pin also to add more balance in the fantage online game.

Look in the image above we have again successfully added another $5 balance in the fantage account and soon we will buy the premium of the game.

Finally we have loaded the total balance that we need to buy premium subscription for fantage online game, both of our generated Ultimate Game Card codes worked perfectly and as you can see in the image above we can have purchased the premium that we were trying, this generator generated the codes or pin which are 100% safely redeemable to get items in the supported games.



Please Use The Download Button Above To Download The Ultimate Game Card Generator

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