Xbox Live Microsoft Points Generator

Microsoft Points Generator

Xbox Live Microsoft Points Generator

This is our very first release of the high demand Xbox Live Microsoft Points Generator, this is a working generator that is capable of generating free Microsoft points as well as Xbox 360 live gold membership. With this generator you can easily generate free 1600 and 4000 Microsoft points which you can easily redeem for the Xbox live marketplace. On the demands of many premium users we have also added free Xbox live gold membership cards generator feature in this tool also by which you can easily generate the 1 month to 12 months of the Xbox live gold membership, the most dominant feature is that all the points and membership you generate will be genuine and can be used worldwide.

With this Xbox Live Microsoft Points Generator you will never have to pay extra bucks for getting any services at the Xbox live marketplace, you can generate almost unlimited amount of Microsoft points and free Xbox live gold membership. You can even gift these points and membership cards to your friends and family making them happy. Generating free points and cards are very easy with this generator but we will also cover a full how to use tutorial later. Unlocking features, maps, movies, goodies, premium content at the Xbox live marketplace will be very simple now, you can just generate desired amount of Microsoft Points whenever you need and just redeem them at the marketplace and just buy the stuff you need.

This Xbox Live Microsoft Points Generator is just miraculous we got thousands of premium downloads in the first day and every one is just so happy with this generator that is why we have decided to make a free version of this generator and release it for the free users also.

What Are Microsoft Points ?

Microsoft Points are like currency for Xbox live marketplace its an universal systems which replaces the use of credit card again and again, Microsoft Points are used to unlock the special contents like special maps, weapons, goodies, movies music, mutiplayer game items and more stuffs at the Xbox live marketplace, you also redeem these points to get silver and gold membership at the marketplace. With this points you can also unlock special maps content created by other users of the Xbox live and even unlock thousands of the TV shows etc.

Xbox Live Gold Cards

Xbox Live Microsoft Points Generator can also generate free gold membership cards with this card you can unlock premium gold membership at the Xbox live. Their are many special features that you can get with the gold membership on your Xbox 360 you can streams movies and TV show in HD quality, play online games with friends and family, get discount on the premium and exclusive content, get access to your Facebook and twitter account from your TV and a whole lots of premium features will be unlocked with gold membership cards.

Free Microsoft Points

Lets begin the tutorial to use this generator to get free Microsoft points and gold membership cards.

Download the Xbox Live Microsoft Points Generator first from the link given in the bottom of the post, after downloading the generator extract the files anywhere you want, start the generator and select either Microsoft points or Xbox gold cards to generate then select any speed from the three given options (Slow, Medium and Fast) the speed you select must in respect to your internet connection, a very fast internet user can go for a faster speed to generate points and cards faster then the others and finally press “Generate” button to start generating after generating the points and codes just copy and paste them into a text file then finally redeem them at the Xbox live account.


Free Microsoft Points Generator Proof Images

Check out the image from our test Xbox live account as you can see that we got 1200 Microsoft Points which we have generated previously, just be sure to check the account stats clearly so that you will not have any confusion regarding this generator.

See the code that we are redeeming its the same code that you can see in the 2 image of the generator, we are redeeming the 1600 Microsoft Points that we have generated using this generator.

See now we have 2800 Microsoft Points in this account from the 1200 Microsoft Points, its clear that we have successfully generated a genuine 1600 Microsoft Points code which we have redeemed fairly into our Xbox live account.

Just to make you assured that this Xbox Live Microsoft Points Generator works perfectly we have again generated a 1600 Microsoft Points and redeemed it on the same account, now you can see that we got amazingly 4400 Microsoft Points in this test account.

Finally we will say that this generator is 100% safe and will generate unlimited Microsoft Points and Xbox Live Gold Membership cards for you.




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